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Автор:  Zorko [ 05 фев 2017, 01:44 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  SMALL C

SMALL C is a "C" language compiler that is available with source code. It is very easy to port to another CPU, and this has been done many times.

SMALL C for 8088 : 101K This is SMALL C converted to the 8088 by Byte magazine. It is Public Domain, so have fun with it. The README.DOC file doesn't specify which original version this compiler is based on.

SMALL C/Plus v1.0 : 221K Small C V1.0 with structures/unions, floating point, and more. Runs on CP/M (61K TPA required). Generates a rather weird set of mnemonics but assembler is furnished.

SMALL C v1.2 : 363K This version of SMALL C is a cross compiler. It runs on a PC under MS-DOS, and generates 8080 code targeted to CP/M. By Ron Cain.

SMALL C v2.1 : 87K SMALL C v2.1 by Jim Hendrix. This version of the compiler generated code for the 8080 CPU. This is the distribution file set from Jim Hendrix. It is considered to be shareware, and a "registration" fee is requested.

Автор:  prospero78su [ 05 фев 2017, 12:17 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: SMALL C

Ковырял я как-то эту штуку в целях накомпилять хоть какое-нибудь ядро в real mode для самопальной ОС.
Забавная штука)

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